Where Does James Charles Live? NEW Empty House Tour!

Check out his new sister sanctuary!

James Charles House
via James Charles / YouTube

Where does James Charles live? In June, James posted an apartment tour of his amazing place in Downtown LA. Today, he posted a brand new video in his BRAND NEW HOME! That’s right, James Charles bought himself a house in Los Angeles, California.

James Charles house is exactly what you’d expect: AMAZING. In his YouTube video, James gives a tour of his house before he’s moved in. All the rooms are empty, but you can imagine how insanely nice it’s going to look when his stuff is moved in.

Check out this brand new sister sanctuary right here:

Isn’t his house unreal?! His house has 5 bedrooms, a laundry room, an awesome backyard, and so much more. Imagine how much money you have to make to BUY your own home in LA at 19. I’m shistar shaking.

What was your favorite room in James Charles’ new house?

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  1. Hey sisters!I love the house so much.It is soooo pretty.I really hope that james has a good gay life and he finds the man of his dreams.I also want him to keep.collaborating with Emma Chaimberland and.the Dolan twins.Have a great life sisters bye.James loves us!!!!!😘😘😘🙂🙂🙂

  2. Hey sisters I absolutely love the house!it is so pretty.I hope james has a.wonderful time in his house and he keeps collaborating with Emma Chaimberland and the Dolan twins.have a great day sisters!!byee!!!!!!!Mwah!

  3. I have seen the inside of that house before because we were looking for houses around there and we happened to come across it but found somewhere else.

  4. OMG 😮Fabulous house! The entry fireplace wall, the sliding door between dining room and kitchen, the “Coke” wall, the pot-filler in the kitchen, the ginormous white marble shower … what’s not to love? It’s the best and I wanna come visit! I will use the kitchen and make a delicious meal! James is so joyful, grateful, and humble – surely this house will be an amazing home ❤️

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