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This beauty YouTuber is on every day and you didn’t even know

Can you guess who it is?

A lot of us think of famous YouTubers and famous musers as two completely different categories, but I bet you didn’t know that this beauty YouTuber is on every day! After started encouraging users to post all different types of videos, the space opened up for creative YouTubers like this one to join. She posts on all the time, and her videos are actually really good. Her videos are a mix of shorter makeup videos, comedy, vlogs, and a little lip sync here and there.

The beauty YouTuber is Laura Lee!

@laura88lee /

On you can find her under her usual username, @laura88lee. She joined back in January, right after she visited the HQ for the first time. During her visit, she got so excited about growing on and being a part of the community that she’s been unstoppable ever since. She already has over 1M hearts on her videos!

So why should you care if you’re not into For Laura fans, this is actually a really great way to interact with her. She has gained over 120K fans on, but that’s nothing compared to her millions on YouTube and Instagram! It’s so much easier to get someone’s attention when the follower base is smaller on the platform. She’s done giveaways of her own makeup brand through, and even reposts fan videos sometimes:

So you’re welcome Larlees. If you don’t have it, download and start commenting on her videos! And if you really want to get Laura’s attention, post a makeup video inspired by her and tag her in it. She loves to see how talented her fans are.

We love a muser legend.

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