The Music Video The Dolan Twins Directed Is Out

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The Dolan Twins Directed music video

The Dolan twins have been teasing us about this huge project they have been working on. They recently announced that this Dolan Twins directed music video for one of their favorite bands. They were vague about details at first, but after a while they said who it was. The Dolan twins directed the music video for the song Hawaiian Party by Cub Sport.

This was the Dolan twins first time directing something for someone else, so they were super nervous about it. Counting down to when it was released, the Dolan twins definitely felt nervous but hopeful that everyone would like it.

Everyone ended up loving the music video, and it turned out really good. It was super well thought out. The video had a really nice message about love and equality, which is important for everyone to see. This music video was very artsy and well thought out, so Ethan and Grayson Dolan definitely did a good job in all of their intense planning and directing.

The Band Cup Sport definitely approved of the Dolan twins directing of this video. They tweeted this to show how proud they were of the music video for Hawaiian Party by Cub Sport:

You can watch the full video for Cub Sport – Hawaiian Party directed by the Dolan twins here:

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