James Charles, the Dolan Twins, and Emma Chamberlain in the most epic collab EVER

Can you believe?

The Dolan Twins / YouTube

A few minutes ago, James Charles, the Dolan Twins, and Emma Chamberlain released what they all were deeming the most iconic 3 way collab EVER. As you can see in James’ tweet from yesterday:

And Emma was equally as stoked:

The 3 way collab is SO much fun. The group does makeup on Sister James’ channel, a mukbang on the Dolan Twins’ channel, and they help Emma become an LA girl on her channel.

You HAVE to watch the full videos here:

Watch Ethan and Grayson’s video here:

Oh, and Emma’s video is here:

CAN YOU SAY DREAM TEAM?! Comment below if you want to see them collab again, and what you’d want them to do in their videos!

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