James Charles First Video And His Old YouTube Channel

Remember, Sisters?

James Charles First Video
via James Charles / YouTube

Have you ever seen the first James Charles video on YouTube? James Charles first video actually had nothing to do with makeup at all. James had another channel before his current channel with his 8M fans.

The first video James Charles uploaded to YouTube was with his mom! He was 15 years old and it was called “VOCAB WITH MY MOM”. I had no idea what to expect from that title, but you can watch it for yourself.

James Charles’ first video shows his mom trying to figure out what teen lingo means. The craziest part of watching this video is that James thanks his 100 subscribers. Can you imagine?! Even today, his first channel only has 33K subscribers.

What was the first James Charles video on his jamesscharless channel? It’s hard to say. It seems like he had one video uploaded before this one, but it must’ve been taken down.

What was James Charles’ first makeup video on YouTube? James uploaded this makeup tutorial in 2016.

This makeup tutorial is so different from anything James would post today! He has definitely grown a lot over the past few years. His recent looks are works of art.

If you want to see how he feels about his old YouTube videos, you can watch James Charles react to his old YouTube videos here!

Do you want James Charles to bring his old style jamesscharless videos back?


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