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James Charles Editor HelloXRyan Quit After Editing Sister Scandal

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HelloXRyan James Charles
James Charles editor quit after being accused of copying other editing styles

The hate getting sent on YouTube about editing styles needs to sister stop. After James Charles video editor, HelloXRyan, got hate on YouTube, he quit. The reason he was receiving hate was because people thought he was copying the editing styles of other beauty gurus. However, nobody was trying to copy anyone, and the negativity needs to end.

As a result, James went  to Twitter to let people know that his editor did not do anything wrong, and that nobody was trying to sister steal someone else’s editing style. It was not fair for people to send so much hate to HelloXRyan. Especially because it got so bad that he quit.

James went on to share more tweets about the sister situation, and clear everything up.

Even Antonio Garza went on to spread a little love by making it clear that no one was copying anyone. Now that everything has been cleared up, I hope HelloXRyan is okay, and all this hate can sister stop.

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  1. That sucks so much. Why can’t people just be supportive in the YouTube community? It sucks to see someone as talented as Ryan get pushed out like this

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