James Charles Brother Ian Jeffrey Is Taking Off On YouTube

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James Charles Brother
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Sister James better be Shishtar Shook because Brother Ian is coming for his whole brand! James Charles’ brother Ian is on YouTuber now, and he’s taking off fast. You can find his channel here, Ian Jeffrey.

James Charles’ brother only has 2 videos on his channel and he already has 559K subscribers! That’s actually insane. The first video Ian Jeffrey posted was three weeks ago and it is called STEALING JAMES CHARLES CAREER.

He started his own channel after being featured on James’ channel, and after doing the Brother and Sister Show with James. The video above is super funny because you can hear James shistar shading him in the background.

This is the first video Ian Jeffrey was featured in on James Charles’ channel.

I love the dynamic between James Charles’ brother and Sister James! It’s so cute because they’re so different but obviously get along so well.

The funniest thing about James Charles’ brother Ian is that he is so different from James, even in his YouTube videos. Ian Jeffrey uploaded this a week ago, and the quality is so low it hurts.

And yes, I know it’s supposed to be low quality. It is pretty funny. Ian Jeffrey YouTube channel will be HUGE. I can’t believe it’s already blown up this much. Enjoy as we all watch Ian Jeffrey completely pop off for being James Charles’ brother.

Oh and PS – James is looking for an editor if you do cool videos!

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