Is There A Shane Dawson And JoJo Siwa Collab Coming?

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Shane and JoJo
via @shanedawson / Instagram

Is there a Shane Dawson and JoJo Siwa collab coming? I have a feeling it’s on its way! In case you haven’t noticed, Shane always talks about JoJo Siwa. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Not too long ago, JoJo hung out with the whole crew at Shane’s house. He tweeted out this video, and now everyone is obsessed:

Shane honestly looks like a pageant mom is that video. Lol. JoJo Siwa then posted this picture of her with Shane Dawson and the usual squad:


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So what makes me think JoJo Siwa and Shane Dawson are going to do a collab? Or more specifically, one of Shane’s classic mini-series? Because Shane tweeted this:

I am dying to see Shane do an in depth video about JoJo Siwa because she is such an interesting person. She gets a lot of hate, but the girl knows what she’s doing.

Would you watch a Shane Dawson and JoJo Siwa collab?


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