Is David Dobrik Trying To Steal The Spotlight From Shane Dawson?

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Shane Dawson Documentary with Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star

Shane Dawson started his new documentary series to let us look into the life of Jeffree Star. As you may know, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are working together to show fans if Jeffree is really the controversial person he appears to be. He made it clear in the video that his goals were to live a day in Jeffree Star’s life and for it to be real (and to get rich but that’s just a side note.)

Shane had been teasing this new Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson Documentary series for a while now, so fans were upset when David Dobrik posted a video with Jeffree Star the same day the first part of the Shane Dawson Documentary came out.

David titled the video “FINDING OUT HOW MUCH JEFFREE STAR SPENDS” even though that was known to be an important part of the Shane Dawson documentary. David went through Jeffree’s house and talked about the insanity of how rich he is. However, because this came out during the time of Shane’s documentary, fans assumed there was David Dobrik Shane Dawson tea that needed to be spilled.

The David Dobrik Jeffree Star video was not meant to cause any harm. David saw the anger and hurt among fans and quickly cleared things up. He posted this message and apology to YouTube to clear up any issues.

He did not mean to cause any problems or take views from Shane. David happened to be hanging out with Jeffree, and was simply curious about the crazy aspects of his life. He linked to the Shane Dawson documentary in his apology and clarification message to show his support for Shane.

Fans were worried that David’s video would take Shane’s place on the YouTube Trending page. However, Shane’s video is still number one on trending, and we are HERE FOR IT. Everyone is excited to see the rest of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star’s documentary series.

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