Inside James Charles’ Apartment – What it looks like when you’re a successful YouTuber

Welcome, sisters!

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Ever wonder what it looks like inside of James Charles‘ apartment? Same, sisters. After living in LA for a year and a half, James FINALLY opened the doors of his apartment to his fans (so to speak). This beauty YouTuber made an apartment tour video of what he calls his “Sister Shelter.” Just in case seeing his selfies with the apartment in the background, you can finally walk through the entire place, drawers, closet, and all!

my apartment tour is finally live on my youtube channel 😊💞🏡

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As James starts walking you through the apartment he makes a note that the video is not #Sponsored but #ShouldBe. LOL. I was relieved to hear that most things in his home are from Ikea. We love a relatable, cost-effective sister.

How well do you know James Charles??

Just in case you don’t have 20-minutes to watch the entire James Charles apartment tour video, scroll through this article and you can see the highlights of every room he walks through!


The first thing you see when you walk into James’ place is the kitchen. He said it’s the least used room of the house. It’s very modern, clean, and cute!

Think he’ll be leaking photos from this apartment too??

Kitchen via James Charles / YouTube

His mug is from his mom, which is adorable! This kitchen is basically my dream. Next, James skips right over the bathroom and straight to…


Office via James Charles / YouTube

James’ office is a desk brightly lit by the huge windows overlooking Downtown LA. He has a desktop computer, laptop, and iPad all to do his work on. He does all of his editing and planning at this space.

Living Room

Living Room via James Charles / YouTube

This is his living room. The couch looks insanely comfortable, and is from Ikea. James really wanted to paint the brick walls white, but he wasn’t allowed to. I think it looks pretty cool though! He also has a projector that you would miss if you weren’t looking for it.

Projector via James Charles / YouTube

Having a projector instead of a TV helps James stay focused because he can’t really watch it during the day.

Sister Selfie Mirror

The Sister Selfie Mirror is a giant mirror from Ikea with the best lighting in the house! James takes a tons of selfies there. It should be the most familiar room for fans.

Sister Selfie Mirror via James Charles / YouTube

After going through the living room, James takes us up his spiral (YES, a SPIRAL) staircase to the second story. This is where he has his…


Bedroom via James Charles / YouTube

James Charles’ apartment has a lofted bedroom. It looks super cute, but he said he doesn’t get much light and it gets really hot. At least it looks fun though! He has a view over his entire apartment from up there.

Loft View via James Charles / YouTube

After looking at his loft, James takes us to the…


This is where the magic happens!

Studio via James Charles / YouTube

James shows the set up for his videos, including the light and the rest of the room that we don’t normally see. It’s crazy how much goes into his set up! He also shows off where he keeps all of his makeup. Sister has a crazy amount of makeup. James saved his favorite part of his apartment for last.


Closet via James Charles / YouTube

This is James Charles’ favorite part of his whole apartment! He has a walk-in closet where he has his merch and all of his clothes. The lighting is nice, the clothes are plentiful, and he custom designed his storage unit!

That’s it, sisters! Who else is packing their bags to move into James Charles’ apartment?!

I’m so glad James finally did this video. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel so motivated to be successful so I can live in a place like that one day! James says he likes his Sister Shelter, but he doesn’t love it. Within the next year, he’s looking for a Sister Sanctuary. Aka, he wants to buy a house before he’s 20-years-old. Go, sister!

What’s your favorite part of James Charles’ apartment?

Watch the full apartment tour here:


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