Ethan Dolan Being Mean To Grayson Dolan (But Not Really)

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Dolan Twins
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In the latest video from the Dolan Twins, everyone was commenting that Ethan is mean. The video is of Ethan, Grayson, James Charles, and Emma Chamberlain (the Sister Squad) watching themselves get hypnotized. Watch this video and see if you think Ethan is being mean to Grayson.

People in the comments were saying they felt bad for Grayson at 8:12, 8:26, 9:07, 10:43, and 11:03. Ethan kept making aggressive comments, and Grayson said sorry. Watching the video for the first time, I see how people think Ethan was being mean to Gray.

Here are some of the comments people left on the video:

I felt like crying every time Gray said sorry. The tension in this video was very obvious and their moods were very off. I don’t like this. – GhinwaZaidan

Is it me or is Ethan being really mean to Grayson lately?? – mark thombson

Did Ethan “change” himself or something? #wheressweetethan – Treasure Mata

Everyone was freaking out about Ethan being too rude to Grayson, and Grayson seemed sad. But there were also a lot of comments debating about it saying that’s just how siblings act.

Finally, the twins spoke out about the crazy debate on Twitter:

After Grayson tweeted it, Ethan said this:

Obviously there is nothing wrong with the Dolan twins. They are just being normal siblings.

Do any of you still think Ethan is mean after that?

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