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Emma Chamberlain Blackface Debate Makes Her Delete YouTube Video

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Emma Chamberlain Blackface
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Emma Chamberlain blackface debate? Sister can’t stay away from the scandals these days (can you say merch scandal?). A YouTube video Emma posted made a lot of people upset because it looked like she was doing blackface. In case you didn’t know…that’s super racist. But everyone is still arguing over whether or not the video was racist.

What do you think about this new tea??

Emma did a dollar store makeover challenge as a big joke because everyone knows she’s not a lifestyle or beauty YouTuber. She does comedy! She’s since deleted the video because of the racist scandal, but we love the internet because someone reposted it.

About 7 minutes into the video, Emma starts putting on a shade of makeup that’s way too dark for her pale skin tone. If you actually watch the video, the shade is “dark” that she puts on. She says she looks like someone from Jersey Shore, which was pretty accurate. It turned out an orange-ish color.

The big scandal is around whether or not that shade is blackface. Emma Chamberlain obviously wanted to do a terrible makeover, but was the shade just too dark? I know she didn’t have racist intentions, and I’m not even an Emma stan trying to stand up for her.

I also totally get how people were upset about it. It’s 2018. She should know better than to use a shade WAY too dark for her skin tone. But is Emma Chamberlain racist? I doubt it.

The scandals keep going though…

The lighting in her videos is notoriously bad, so her face sometimes looks orange and sometimes darker. That didn’t do her any favors. Some people picked out the worst screenshot to tweet.

But this is what it looks like in the light:

Do you think Emma was doing blackface, or is everyone just freaking out over nothing? Comment your opinion.

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comment rn
  1. im really confused.. that isn’t blackface at all. It was a joke, not an intent of being racist. the darker photo was clearly edited.

  2. Just a funny video, it was a joke. People really don’t have anything better to do these days than find little things like this tbh.

  3. That shade she’s got is a lot less different to her skin tone than Ariana out there in a shade x10 from her real skin colour and ya’ll calling Emma rascist 👏🏼

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