Dolan Twins Tattoos Video – Is Ethan Being Mean Again?

Or is this just brotherly love?

Dolan Twins Tattoos
via Dolan Twins / YouTube

In the recent Dolan Twins tattoos video, Ethan and Grayson draw each other tattoos to get. The video led to fans commenting about Ethan being mean to Grayson all over again. In one of their sister squad videos that came out not too long ago, people were pointing out all the times Ethan was being rude.

About 17 minutes into the video, Ethan reacted to the tattoo Grayson drew for him. He yelled about how no one will know what it is and how it’s not what he wanted. Watch the video for yourself:

This seems to be a pattern of Ethan lashing out at Grayson, and sweet Grayson just takes it. But if you’ve ever had a sibling, you know fights can look a lot worse than that. It’s probably not a huge deal.

But either way, if you look at the videos comments, fans are pointing out that Ethan has been acting differently since Emma joined the squad. Maybe there is some truth to those Ethan and Emma dating rumors.

Comment whether or not you think Ethan has been mean to Grayson lately, or whether you think it’s just how brothers are.

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