Danielle Cohn Eating Disorder Video Controversy

People are NOT happy…

Dani Cohn Eating Disorder
Dani Cohn / YouTube

The new Danielle Cohn eating disorder video on her YouTube channel has stirred up a lot of drama in her comments. In her latest video, Dani Cohn opens up about what it was like going through body image issues and what she calls a “major eating disorder” a few years ago. What she describes sounds like anorexia. Danielle said she just “stopped eating.”

Watch the video for yourself here, and then continue reading because I’ll break down why people are so mad about what she said in the video.

First of all, she starts off the video by saying no one else one YouTube talks about eating disorders. *cue track of Shane Dawson laughing* That’s just not true, but moving on.

Why are people so mad over this Danielle Cohn eating disorder story? They are basically saying what Dani describes isn’t an eating disorder at all. Here is a comment from ECSLizzy01 that got over 1,000 likes so far:

As someone who actually has DIAGNOSED anorexia, this video offends me very much. Not eating for a few days, without being diagnosed isn’t an eating disorder. She barely even talked about it. I had to spend months away from my parents, and friends, locked up in a house, getting food basically forced down my throat, and crying every night because of my eating disorder. Being insecure about your body isn’t an eating disorder. Skipping meals isn’t an eating disorder. So stop.

I hate to say it, but this person has a point. I’m not saying what she went through wasn’t hard. And Danielle obviously had good intentions with this video. She wants to spread awareness about body image issues, insecurity, and pressures to be beautiful. But labeling her insecurities as a “major eating disorder” may have been a step too far.

Maybe she didn’t explain herself well and she actually did have an eating disorder, but you definitely have to be careful when you make extreme claims like that. What do you think about this whole Danielle Cohn eating disorder controversy?

Read more about Danielle Cohn here

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