Crayola Makeup – The Reviews Are In

The beauty gurus have spoken

via Jeffrey Star / YouTube

The Crayola Makeup reviews are in! Beauty gurus jumped to buy the products as soon as Crayola released their first ever makeup collection. The products were more expensive than anyone would’ve thought. Let’s hope they’re worth it!

Laura Lee reviews Crayola Makeup

Laura Lee tried to give it a fair chance. She doesn’t hate on it, but she wasn’t crazy about it either.

Jeffrey Star reviews Crayola Makeup

Was it Jeffrey Star approved? Maybe not quite, but it seems like he like more of it than the other gurus.

James Charles reviews Crayola Makeup

James Charles seemed surprised by the pricing. He also didn’t love the quality of a lot of the products, but it isn’t the worst thing anyone’s seen.

The most important Crayola Makeup tutorial of them all…

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t an actual Crayola Makeup tutorial, but I thought it was pretty great.

Has anyone tried it yet? And will you try it after watching these reviews?

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