Can You Survive Tristan Tales’ Choose Your Own Vlogventure?

His life is in YOUR hands

Tristan Tales
via Tristan Tales / YouTube

The new Tristan Tales Choose Your Own Vlogventure video had me dead within 20 minutes. For real – I actually didn’t survive. For those of you who don’t know, Tristan Tales is a YouTuber who is known for vlogging and for his creative, interactive content on Snapchat and Instagram stories. Tristan’s videos are always amazing, but he decided to take this new one to the NEXT LEVEL.

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In the new Tristan Tales “Choose Your Own Adventure Vlog” video, Tristan and his squad vlog their way to Lake Arrowhead to have a chill weekend together. Not long after they get there, they realize they’re being stalked by The Arrowhead Killer, a slasher who was killed in a freak archery accident. Scary, right? The group’s lives are in YOUR hands (no pressure). You get to choose what path they take and the choices they make. If you choose correctly, the squad survives. But if you choose the wrong moves, it’s GAME OVER.

Can you help Tristan and his friends escape all the horror movie cliches that come at them and take down The Arrowhead Killer? Let’s find out. The vlogventure starts NOW!

Did you help Tristan Tales and his squad survive? Comment whether or not you made it on the first try! This interactive, choose your own adventure style video is definitely a game changer. The fact that you can be a part of the vlog and the way it turns out is actually the most genius thing ever. So if you aren’t subscribed to Tristan Tales on YouTube yet, literally what are you doing? Can’t wait to see what Tristan creates next! Maybe I’ll survive his next video…

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  1. I’m going to be sad cause y’all going to die if y’all go and I think y’all should go back home and I’m a big fan😭💔

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