Bryce Xavier Tells The Truth In His New Video

You need to hear this.

Bryce Xavier
via Bryce Xavier / YouTube

“It’s okay not to be okay.” Bryce Xavier posted a new YouTube video called “The Truth…” which left everyone curious as to what truth Bryce needed to get off his chest. The video is short and sweet, and you can watch it right here:

It’s clear that Bryce has had a lot on his plate. Bryce Xavier and Nia Sioux broke up not too long ago, he always has the pressure of providing daily content for fans, and I’m sure so much more. This video was just to say that things have been tough lately.

I admire Bryce so much for posting this video. You can see the raw emotion in his eyes. This isn’t for views, but to set an example for his fans. Bryce wanted to make sure that everyone knows it’s okay to experience ups and downs.

Make sure you send this to someone who needs to hear what Bryce has to say. And leave a positive comment below!

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