Would Jordyn Jones and Tayler Holder Date If She Wasn’t Dating Jordan?

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Could there have been something going on between Jordyn Jones and Tayler Holder? People were not responding well when Tayler asked Jordan Beau if he could date Jordyn Jones for a week to get followers. Tayler was joking, so Jordyn jokingly said she would date him, but people were not happy with this.

Here is the video from Jordyn Jones’ Instagram Story

After Jordyn Jones posted this video of her being asked to be Tayler Holder girlfriend, people went crazy. First, Jordyn started taking videos of Tayler Holder and Jordan Beau talking about how Tayler wants Jordyn’s clout. She started the video by saying, “Tayler keeps saying he wants my clout.” Then Tayler responded by saying,

I do. Jordan hits 200,000 likes. I’ve never hit 200,000 likes in my life.

Then Jordan Beau responded by saying, “because you’re irrelevant” as a joke, and Tayler said, “I know this. That’s why I need her clout.”

After this was when Tayler jokingly asked Jordyn to be his girlfriend in the video, and she said yes. Fans were angry, though, because they were upset with the way Tayler was acting. Some people were saying things like, “all he cares about is the clout ever since he started hanging out with Bryce Hall.” Other people were saying that Tayler is fake, and they are annoyed of the constant Tayler Holder Jordan Beau clout conversations.

As it is, this was all just to be funny. Tayler was just joking around with Jordyn and Jordan, and Jordyn is not Tayler Holder girlfriend. Jordyn Jones and Tayler Holder are just friends, and they were just messing around. Nobody meant any harm with it.

Since this happened, though, fans are wondering if Jordyn Jones and Tayler Holder would ever date if Jordyn wasn’t already dating Jordan Beau.

It’s a valid question, but it’s hard to say if they would be date, considering the Tayler Holder Jordan Beau friendship. I think they all get along really well as friends. Jordyn and Jordan seem very happy right now, so there is no reason to let this Tayler Holder Jordyn Jones drama get in the way of that.

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