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Will The Jordyn And Brandon Break Up Drama Ever End?

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Jordyn and Brandon
Jordyn and Brandon drama continues

I just wanna know … will the Jordyn and Brandon break up drama ever end? I saw Jordyn shading Brandon on instagram live. Jordyn Jones and Beyond Brandon broke up months ago. This is old, stale tea. We all know about it. But somehow it keeps coming up!

There was a lot of back and forth on twitter and insta about whether or not Brandon and Ona started dating. After denying the rumors, they finally decided not to be silly about it. So, yes, Ona and Brandon dating is a real thing.

During all of that drama, people were asking who is Jordyn Jones dating? She sent so many mixed signals. People thought she was back with Brandon, then they thought she was dating some dude named Nathan, and a few other guys got in the rumors too.

The latest tea is that Jordyn went on insta live with her friend and her ex boyfriend, Sean, and they majorly shaded Brandon. Here’s a video of the shadiest part:

I’m glad Rummler posted it because the live is long so watching the whole thing is annoying. Back to my point. Jordyn shaded Brandon, and then Brandon found out (of course). He started tweeting some things about it.

He also tweeted other stuff that he deleted. He seemed to be over reacting just a tad in my opinion. What they said was shady, but it wasn’t like they were actually hating on Brandon. Dude needs to chill. Plus, he’s with a super cutie now. Why is he still worrying about what his ex says about him?

So my questions remains: WILL this Jordyn and Brandon break up drama EVER END??? When will they get over each other and just stop all the tea and the shade? I’m kinda over it at this point. There’s no need to keep talking about it when they’ve both seemed to have moved on.

What do you think about all this Jordyn and Brandon drama?

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  1. Wtf why breakup Brandon and jordyn
    I do that perfect right way fine is cool I don’t like right perfect oun seem I said cool, okay alright. I very so sad is not good couple.

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