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The Real Truth About TanaCon: The Truth Will SHOCK You

Shane Dawson’s final installment

The Real Truth About TanaCon
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Following the TanaCon mess, Shane Dawson started to search for the real truth about TanaCon and what went wrong. He filmed a three part mini doc series about the conspiracies, the lies, and all the information he could find.

Before you watch the last episode, watch the first two videos Shane released. Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The final video uncovering the real truth about TanaCon is here:

Shane Dawson sat down with Tana Mongeau in this final video and got down to the what really happened. Tana sobs, Shane goes into the small details, and the truth is revealed.

Tana addresses the rumors that she went to a party the night after everything fell apart with her convention. She did go, but said she was there to talk to people about her plans to fix things. There was footage of Tana saying she was fine with people waiting outside. You can tell Tana was really broken up over her mistakes and what happened, but some of the information wasn’t adding up.

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Shane and Tana call Michael Weist to discuss everything between the three of them. Things got heated extremely quickly between Tana and Michael. During the call, things weren’t looking so good for Michael Weist and Good Times Live.

After all of the debating and the crying and the back and forth, Shane found the REAL truth about TanaCon. Tana was genuinely concerned about safety and that everything would go according to plan every step of the way. Michael Weist signed contracts for numbers that were way smaller than he said, and he is personally and financially responsible for the entire mess.

Seems like there are some #GoodTimesLiveIsOver parties coming up…

What do you think about everything Shane found out?

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