The Dolan Twins Music Video Is Grayson Coming Out THEORY

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Theory that Grayson Dolan Music Video

Grayson and Ethan Dolan just released their first music video they ever directed for the band Cup Sport. The music video had a beautiful message about love and acceptance for all. As a result, there are lots of theories about what this may mean. People think this is actually Ethan’s way of saying that the Ethan Dolan and Emma Chamberlain dating rumors are real. People also think this is a Grayson Dolan coming out video in some sort of ways.

Here is a Twitter thread of a possible theory:

Other people saw this resemblance as well, and created a side by side photo:

People are also noticing that one of the boys in the music video looks a bit like Grayson, who ends up kissing a guy at the end.

Fans are saying this is a sly way for Grayson Dolan coming out without making it too obvious. Whether this is true or not, I support Grayson and Ethan so much.

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