The Danielle Cohn Age Mystery – How Old Is Danielle Cohn Really?

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Danielle Cohn age
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The Danielle Cohn age mystery is a real thing. How old is Danielle Cohn for real? I’ve heard rumors that Dani Cohn is actually 11. That seems crazy, but I did some digging and found out that it’s not that wild.

I found a video where logical investigates Dani Cohn’s age. This YouTuber uses the pageants Danielle Cohn competed in to add up how old Danielle Cohn is actually.

The video concludes that Danielle Cohn was born in 2007, not 2004 like everyone believes. The video also shows Cole Galotti, Danielle’s ex boyfriend, ranting about Danielle’s age. He says he saw her birth certificate and that Target originally posted about her being 11 but changed it.

Here’s what I think of the Danielle Cohn age mystery.

If all of this was true, that would mean Danielle Cohn is 11 now. To be completely honest, 11 year olds don’t look like this.


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Apparently, Danielle Cohn has responded to comments accusing her of being 11 by saying, “Do I look 11?” That’s not exactly denying the rumors though.

The years don’t add up, but I’m still not sure whether or not I believe Danielle Cohn is 11 or 14. How old is Danielle Cohn really?

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  1. I’m just saying but some girls develope faster than others, I’m 14 and I’ve got more curves that her, she may have bigger boobs than me but like I said, we’re all different. I’m not taking her side, god no🙄 but I’m just letting you all know.

  2. It is not ok to be showing that much skin at her age. I’m 12 and I won’t even expose my shoulders, even when I’m in my own room. How people have the confidence to do this baffles me.

  3. For the record 14 year olds don’t look like that either. It’s photoshop and makeup. In her videos she talks/acts/sounds young.

    • I do🤷‍♀️ not that I’m taking her side or anything but some girl develops faster, I’m fourteen and I’ve got more curves than her

  4. Honestly, one minute people are being hated on for acting too young or wearing baby clothes, when they act too old for their age they are in the wrong too, she is 14 get over all these theories, she may dress with some skin showing, I’m 13 and I do get over it everyone is different and you all need to grow up and get a grip of yourselves.

    • omg i’m 14 and i hate it when people go on and say how i should “dress my age” but then when i dress in different clothes they tell me to do otherwise. but as long as she’s happy in it, it really doesn’t matter smhh

  5. I don’t understand why she tries so hard, can you help me? In all seriousness though she is acting older than she is and I’m 14. I don’t act that way or dress that way ever. I believe honestly she is just trying to hard to be liked when nobody cares. 😅

  6. Hun, she’s acting like prozzy not like a 14 year old [insert awkward smiley face and laugh track]. I donno what this new flow of auto-child exploitators is about but I sure hope it ends soon. God bless this wretched world!

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