Tana Mongeau Shares Memories With Mac Miller

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Mac Miller Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau shares conversations with Mac Miller after he passed away

This has been a very sad week for everyone after hearing about the tragic death of Mac Miller. People went to social media to express their grief and share how Mac Miller made them feel. Many of Mac Miller’s friends shared their memories and conversations with him. Tana Mongeau was very affected by the news about Mac Miller, and she shared a conversation the two of them had together recently.

Tana Mongeau Mac Miller texts

As a result, this post upset many people for multiple reasons. First of all, some people say that it is photoshopped. Second of all, people are upset that she is saying something when Mac Miller has no say in what is going on.

People Tweeted things like this after seeing Tana’s post:

Tana saw all of these comments, and responded to everyone with a Twitter thread.

She wanted it to be about him, apparently.

As a result, Tana tried to clear everything up, but people are still upset about the whole situation.  After all, she should not be exposing someone who passed away for fame. Because of this, hopefully Tana will think before exposing something private. Most importantly, I hope Mac Miller rests in peace, and his family and friends are okay. Likewise, we can remember Mac Miller for all the positive things.

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