Shawn Mendes Slides Into James Charles DMs But Not For The Reason You Think

Welcome to the DMs Sister Shawn!

Shawn and James
James Charles and Shawn Mendes drama?

Hello and welcome to another episode of James Charles causes internet drama! In this week’s episode, you’ll see a bunch of Shawn Mendes stans freaking out over nothing, and James Charles and Shawn having to publicly explain jokes! Yipee! Let’s jump right in sisters.


It all started when Shawn went on Instagram live. James, as he tends to do, commented something frisky on the stream 😏 Here’s what James Charles said on Shawn’s live:

Shawn Mendes Live
@shawnmendes / Instagram Live

James commented “can u juggle me like that” on Shawn’s livestream. Immediately after fans assumed Shawn read that comment, he ended the live.

Of course, everyone started talking about how James Charles was making Shawn uncomfortable and went so far as to label it “sexual harassment” which is NO SMALL CLAIM GUYS.


Poor James had to back himself up on Twitter for harmlessly flirting with boys (don’t act like you don’t do it or wish you could):

After James Charles started getting all the hate, Shawn Mendes FINALLY slid into James Charles’ DMs 🙌 Here’s what Shawn said to James:

That was so great of him to clear it all up. Tell me how I immediately started shipping them after reading that? For real though, Shawn is a total sweetheart and James is FUNNY so please learn how to take a joke everyone! Please and thank you.

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