Raegan Beast Calls Out JJ Hannon For Bullying Supporters

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Raegan Beast and JJ Hannon
via Raegan Beast / YouTube

Not sure if you have kept up with this drama, but Raegan Beast posted a YouTuber video called “Don’t Bully My Supporters.” In the video, Raegan calls out JJ Hannon, another big muser, for being manipulative. Here is the video:

Also check out what Raegan says in the video description:

I just want you to know that I genuinely do care about you guys and hearing all of you come to me about this hit close to home , I would hate any of you to be put in a position we’re you were manipulated or told to do somthing you didn’t want to. You guys are so much more than just “supporters” you guys are literal human beings and amazing kids and you guys all have somthing to show the world and we are NOT bigger than you, if anything you are bigger than us. AND THATS THE TEA

Tbh the way that Raegan dealt with this drama seemed really mature and cool to me. He could’ve been really shady and tried to destroy JJ, but Raegan made a really calm video to back up his fans.

It seems like JJ Hannon has been really toxic to his friends and fans, so I’m glad that Raegan Beast was the one to finally call him out. And if you’re a JJ fan, I don’t want to see your comments because I don’t stan a toxic muser.

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