People Are Accusing Danielle Cohn Of Photoshopping Pictures

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Dani Cohn photoshop accusations

One social media star who is always getting hate is Danielle Cohn. Currently, she is on vacation with her boyfriend Mikey in Hawaii, so of course she is getting hate about it. First, people started hating on the fact that she took her current boyfriend to Hawaii after previously taking her ex boyfriend, Sebastian, to Hawaii. The biggest drama now, though, is that people are saying that Danielle Cohn photoshop the pictures.

Here are some of the photos from the Danielle Cohn Instagram from the Hawaii trip:

Vacation vibes🌴 @fashionnova #novababe #hawaii #vacation

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Hawaii 🌴💛 @amabikinis

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People are saying that Dani Cohn is photoshopping these pictures. They are saying that in one picture Dani Cohn looks super skinny and small, but in the next picture she looks curvy and thicker. All of the comments say things like “this is another Danielle Cohn facetune picture” and “obviously photoshopped.”

Danielle Cohn finally cleared everything up and stood up for herself. She posted this to her Instagram story to explain that she has NOT been editing her pictures:

Hey haters funny thing is I have not edited one picture in Hawaii I literally just post so you can stop now. Nothing is photoshopped. The world is sad that you like to bring young girls down.

Danielle Cohn facetune rumors

It is sad to see how much hate Danielle Cohn recieves, and how people keep accusing her of photoshopping her pictures. I am glad she cleared everything up, and hopefully people will stop saying she edited the photos. There is no reason to try to bring people down for something they did not do.

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  1. She lies about so much s***, and talks a LOT of s*** and manipulation the only thing keepijg jer relevant smh. Not mention, she told a latino, days after a tragic mass shooting, to “go back to their country” later to claim she cant be racist because her “RACE” is “lAtINa.” Like b****. Wtf. And SPANISN/LATINA is not a f****** race. Btw she’s 13 and had her birth certificate leaked and courts and officers scanned and PROVED that she is IN FACT 13 as we speak in 2019. She’s a f****** clown. 🤡

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