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Paul Zimmer And Jamie Rose Got Married! What Happened There?

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Paul and Jamie Married
via @jamierose

Remember Paul and Jamie? Well it looks like Paul Zimmer and Jamie Rose got married (yes, married) and now I’m very confused. What happened to Paul and Jamie in the first place? They both disappeared a while ago. If you have a lot of questions (like I do), let’s take a trip down memory lane.

If you don’t already know, Paul Zimmer and Jamie Rose are (now TikTok) stars. Paul has 7.3M fans on TikTok, and Jamie has 4.7M fans. They made lip sync videos together, Paul was the KING of live streaming, and they eventually started doing more comedy videos and vlogs. Here is a compilation of their old musicallys if you’ve never seen them.

Everyone knew they were best friends and I think they even lived together, but then they announced that they were dating. That left everyone a little confused, but it was cute. #Pamie

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Paul and Jamie broke up, told people that it was over, and then not long after they up and disappeared. What happened to Paul and Jamie? Their accounts were inactive, Paul deleted all of his instagram pics, Jamie’s username changed to unknownuser123400. So weird, right?

Paul Zimmer Instagram
via @paulzimmer / Instagram
Jamie Rose Instagram
via @unknownuser123400 / Instagram

Paul and Jamie quit social media most likely due to the fact that #BanPaulZimmer was a trend on Everyone thought he was a scammer and wanted him gone. I thought that was pretty harsh, and it seemed to get to him.

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The story only gets weirder from there. Now Paul Zimmer and Jamie Rose got MARRIED?! These pictures surfaced a few days ago, and everyone couldn’t be more confused.

Paul and Jamie
via @jamierose / Instagram
Paul and Jamie wedding
via @jamierose / Instagram
Paul Zimmer and Jamie Rose Married
via @jamierose / Instagram
Paul and Jamie Family
via @jamierose / Instagram

I’m so confused. Someone saved Jamie’s username, so apparently it’s a fan that posted these picture. But no one has been able to figure out who found the photos or where they came from.

There are rumors that it’s photoshop, they didn’t actually get married, and whatever else. But then this video of the crazy Paul and Jamie wedding was posted that looks pretty real if you ask me.

How could that be edited? I have a couple theories about how Paul and Jamie got married for publicity or something, but it seems like they are done with the spotlight. Maybe they’re just ready to settle down and live a normal life.

Let me know if you guys have any theories or know what’s going on here. I could use some real information about this Paul Zimmer and Jamie Rose wedding.

Or just forget about the whole thing and take some fun quizzes 😂

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  1. He made a video where he said his name is Troy Becker so if search the name one of his pictures pops up in images

  2. People don’t even MENTION Exclamation Point anymore. Danny used to be his BEST FRIEND and liked Jamie, but Paul and her went behind his back and hurt him. They stopped being friends, and Exclamation Point ended. Even then, I knew i didn’t really like Paul. I noticed he wasn’t right awhile before that, and just grew to love Danny on his own. The whole situation really affected Danny, but do people care? Not as much as they used to. Now he’s better, thankfully, but Paul’s changed. He was scamming his fans, getting them to pay him for shoutouts on Tok. He got banned and then deleted his account on Instagram. Idk or care about Jamie and him getting married because i never believed they were right for each other. They can stayyyy gone, in my opinion.

  3. I’m so creeped out, It’s like they just vanished into thin air. Has anyone seen them walking around or something. I am always thinking have they been kidnapped? Or… Because it’s not like no ones seen them they can’t just stay inside forever they would have to came out and Someone take a pic of them?!??

  4. I was so confused i thought they were datong and then one day i got on Instagram and tried looking for both accounts abd the. BAM! they gone just like that! Then getting married!?!? Srsly there’s something fishy going on if u ask me.

  5. I am soooo confused, they left ALL social media.(Haven’t been on YouTube in forever!) They broke up! When they vlog they act all perfect,maybe they got tired of that!

  6. i am sure they both started as friends and when the pamie things started they were dating but they hid for a while just for more views and likes and then they dated so they got alot of views (although i admit they truly love each other) and again for more views the thing about the breakup came and since both of them are out of social media now they are back together

  7. This is really crazy,some people tell that they are dead and I was lika whaaaaa….but now that I am still a little bit more crazy but okey…

  8. I feel like it’s either one publicity or two Paul got Jamie pregnant or their actually Married (I call bs on that) or its a scam cuz who would break up then get married that just weird or Paul is gay and doesn’t want any one to know so ya who knows

  9. I became close to Paul and Jamie after seeing them in a store while visiting my aunt who happened to live in Maryland when they did. I was just a fan that turned into a friend. After getting to know them; the Danny drama started. (I never met Danny so…) anyways after that Jamie and Paul started asking me to send them gifts to their PO box so it looked like they were getting lots of fan mail. Considering I was young at the time and I was so insanely supportive of them and in love with Paul; I would do anything to get them to like me. So I sent the gifts and random letters, sometimes money too. (I was working a job that didn’t make a lot of money but I spent it on them because hey I was a teenager and it was my money.) Then one day they just blocked my number and my social media. They decided they didn’t need me anymore. So yeah. If they got married for publicity, I wouldn’t be suprised.

  10. Why you guys just cant be happy because of them, they are in love, let people to have normal life and to be happy, they dont want negative people in life

    • You dont have to have guests a wedding, clearly the eloped and as you can see its not for the fans because the removed themselves from social existence. You are just one of those jerks who got them gone, you guys were so selfish. You dont know what they were going through in life, maybe they didnt have time for duets and s***, but dont act like they are the only stars yall claim “scam”. Who’s next, baby ariel and loren gray??? You guys took away people who we looked up to, all because yall were tok selfish and only cared about yourself.

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