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Ona And Brandon Kissing On Instagram Live!

Submitted by Jake Horton

Ona and Brandon Kissing
via @real.ona's Instagram Live

Looks like the rumors about Hailey Orona and Brandon Westenberg were true! Ona and Brandon kissing on Instagram live was all the proof we needed. People got videos of it happening too. There was a lot of build up, and a lot of tension. They totally have feelings for each other, I don’t care what either one of them say. Luckily, because everyone caught it with screen record, you can decide yourself. Watch this:

DANG. Someone else caught more of the live and put it up on their YouTube, and if you watch the whole thing Hailey says her and Brandon are NOT going to date. I guess people were putting it in the comments, and she clarified that they’re just friends. I don’t believe it, but that’s what she says! She also talks about how her and Alex (Blesiv) are not dating. In fact, it sounds like they aren’t even friends. But back to Brandon…Ona claimed that her and Brandon are just “chilling.”

Watch this video because it shows Ona and Brandon kissing but also the lead up.

It sounds like Hailey Orona and Beyond Brandon told everyone they’d kiss if they hit 15k viewers. They both acted like they didn’t want it to happen right before they see the Instagram live hit 15k viewers, but you can totally tell they wanted it to happen.

After Hailey and Brandon kissed, you can see they both felt pretty good. 👀

I want to hear more theories! Do you all think they are officially dating and they’re just pretending not to? I wonder how Jordyn Jones feels about all of this after she dated Brandon for so long. Although, she’s probably fine because Jordyn and Nathan are probably a thing.

Anyways, I can’t believe Ona and Brandon kissed. Comment if you ship them!

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  1. Brandon in the live was saying “c’mon and yay” before he kissed Her so I think he really wanted it to happen I ship❤️

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