Loren Gray and Malu Trevejo Unfollowed Each Other

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Loren and Malu unfollowed each other
Loren unfollowed Malu and Malu unfollowed Loren

It seems like after following each other on Instagram, Loren Gray and Malu Trevejo unfollowed each other. At first I thought that it might have just been a glitch with Instagram, but they definitely don’t follow each other anymore. Here is video proof that Loren unfollowed Malu and Malu unfollowed Loren.

So, here in this video, you can first see that Loren unfollowed Malu. Then you see that also Malu unfollowed Loren. This got everyone wondering what happened between Loren Gray and Malu Trevejo. Is there unknown beef Loren Gray Malu Trevejo beef that we haven’t heard yet?

In the past, Malu has said mean things about Loren saying that she looks too much like a Barbie doll, but it still seemed like they were friends because Loren and Malu would comment on each others’s pictures. I wonder what happened to make them get to this point.

We’re all just trying to figure out what happened between Loren and Malu to make them unfollow each other.

Who do you think unfollowed first and what do you think caused Loren Gray and Malu Trevejo to unfollow each other?

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