Leaked Video Of Kenzie And Ashton Kissing Confirms Dating Rumors

The tea is hotter than ever

Kenzie and Ashton

Everyone has been talking about whether or not Kenzie Ziegler and Ashton Arbab are dating. There were rumors before, but looks like the relationship may be confirmed. This video leaked of Kenzie and Ashton kissing.

The picture of Kenzie and Ashton kissing that leaked wasn’t super clear that it was actually them, but there’s not arguing this one. That looks like a confirmed relationship to me! Case closed: Kenzie Ziegler and Ashton Arbab are dating. At the very least, they have a thing. I’m ready to see this ship sail! Are you a fan of what’s going on here?

Enjoy these pics from the Ziegler Cabo trip 👀

Sorry Jenzie shippers :/ But also send this to a Jenzie shipper to make them mad 😈

When do you think Kenzie and Ashton will announce their relationship?

Ship or not, take this Kenzie quiz 😍


comment rn
  1. I actually know what’s going on, Kashton is gonna end so soon and when Kenzie and Johnny go back on tour Ashton is gonna die

  2. I don’t think there is anything. She was clearly surprised by his kisses. I don’t think she likes him. He is like an animal

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