Kristen Hancher And Andrew Gregory Breakup CONFIRMED

Sounds like their “break” is forever…

Kristen and Andrew
via @andrewgregory_ / Instagram

Not too long ago, Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory went on a break. She announced it on Instagram live, and it sounded like they had hopes of getting back together. If you missed that whole thing, read it here. Now, this Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory breakup is CONFIRMED. It’s over for these two.

Watch this video to get the full story on the Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory breakup, plus more tea about what Dru has been up to…

That’s right…this breakup is for real. Obviously they may get back together because they’ve been dating since they were kids, but it seems like a good time to break it off and figure out who they are on their own.

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How are you feeling about this whole Kristen and Dru breakup? Do you think they may call it off and get back together? And WHO IS this Jessy Taylor girl? I guess we all have to wait for Kristen and Andrew to post their official breakup video to find out the real tea.

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