Kristen Hancher And Andrew Gregory Break Up

Kristen and Dru are on a break for real

Kristen and Andrew
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Did Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory break up for real? Looks like that could be in their very near future. (UPDATE: Kristen and Andrew have officially broken up. Click here to get the tea) Kristen and Dru are on a break right now that isn’t looking super promising. Don’t believe me? Watch Kristen confirm their break on her Instagram live:

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There you have it. Are Kristen and Dru dating still? Technically they aren’t officially broken up, but they definitely aren’t together. When a girl kicks you out of her house and all the way back to Canada, you know something ain’t right. At least now we don’t have to wonder whether or not Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory broke up. Oof.

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Things were suspicious when she decided to delete all of her Instagram photos (AGAIN. This wasn’t the first time). Then when she wasn’t posting any with Dru, and Dru deleted his Instagram, things were extra sus.

Hopefully Kristen and Dru can figure things out and keep us all updated!

Do you think Kristen Hancher and Andrew Gregory should get back together? Let me know.

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