Kenzie Ziegler Never Approved Of Jack Kelly Dating Maddie

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Maddie Ziegler Jack Kelly break up causes problems for Kenzie Ziegler Jack Kelly


After dating for over a year, Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly broke up out of no where it seemed. Everyone loved Jack, and they were relationship goals. It always seemed like everything was perfect on social media, but maybe things were not as perfect as they seemed. The Maddie Ziegler Jack Kelly break up caused a lot of drama, and now people are doubting the entire relationship.

It always seemed like everyone approved of the relationship, including Maddie’s entire family. There would be Instagram pictures showing Kenzie Ziegler Jack Kelly hang out sessions. This made it seem like things were great.

magical day at disneyland yesterday with my fam 💘💘 #disneyland #getmorehappy

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After that, things have changed. The Jack Kelly Maddie Ziegler break up is making it seem like Kenzie hates Jack, and never approved the relationship.

Recently, someone posted a comment on Instagram saying that Maddie Ziegler deserves better. Kenzie liked that comment, which makes it seem like she agrees with that person, and never approved of the Maddie Ziegler Jack Kelly relationship in the first place.

Kenzie Ziegler Jack Kelly Drama

It’s hard to say whether Kenzie hates Jack based upon this comment, but it is fair to say she agrees that Maddie deserves someone better after that break up. The Maddie Ziegler Jack Kelly relationship may not have been as good as it seemed, but the Ziegler sisters always stick together. Kenzie is always there to support and stick up for Maddie through everything.

People definitely have made their opinions clear about the whole situation, but I just hope everyone involved is happy!

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  1. I liked jaddie, but i think that they had a bad breakup and that is why kenz hates jack. But i think is so sweet that the zieglers always supports them. I love them and i think that if they break up it was cause it was the best.

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