Jordyn Jones Says She Doesn’t Regret Dating Brandon

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Jordyn and Jordan
via Jordan Beau / YouTube

Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau did a YouTube video together called “PAYING JORDYN JONES TO TELL ME HER DEEPEST SECRETS!” There was definitely some tea spilled and some super duper cute moments between Jordyn and Jordan, but the best part? The best part was when Jordan asks if Jordyn regrets dating Brandon. She answers about 5 1/2 minutes in to the video.

When asked if Jordyn regrets dating Brandon, she said,

I would say if I didn’t date him then I wouldn’t know how I should be treated and I wouldn’t know how to treat someone better…I mean it was definitely a learning experience.

So it sounds like Jordyn Jones doesn’t regret dating Brandon, but it also sounds like it was a really rough relationship. Without directly saying it, Jordyn is implying that Brandon treated her badly.

Throughout the video, Jordan Beau throws a lot of shade at Brandon. Jordyn does a great job of keeping her cool though. She probably knows that the second she says something bad about Brandon, she becomes the bad guy.

Oh, and in case you’re still confused about whether or not Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau are dating … the answer is OBVIOUSLY YES OMG.


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