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Johnny Orlando Unfollowed Kenzie Ziegler on Instagram

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Johnny unfollowed Kenzie on Instagram

There have been rumors for a long time that Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler are dating. However, this morning people noticed that Johnny Orlando unfollowed Kenzie on Instagram. Does this mean that Jenzie is officially over? Here is a screen recording showing that Johnny unfollowed Kenzie:

As a result, does this mean that Kenzie and Johnny are no longer even friends? What does this mean for Jenzie? Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler went on tour together and have made songs together, so it does not make sense as to why Johnny unfollowed Kenzie.

I am hoping it is just a glitch because I can’t imagine Kenzie and Johnny not being close anymore. Maybe Johnny got hacked and someone else unfollowed Kenzie from his account. Or maybe there is a problem with their Instagram accounts that is causing it to look like he unfollowed her.

As of right now, Kenzie still follows Johnny on Instagram, which is weird because I feel like if there was something wrong between Johnny and Kenzie, they would have both unfollowed each other.

happy bday mckenzis❤️

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Johnny Orlando still has pictures on his Instagram with Mackenzie, so he has not gone through and deleted anything yet, which is a good sign for Jenzie shippers.

Kenzie still has pictures of Johnny up on her Instagram, so it really does not seem like there is any bad blood on Kenzie’s side.

Kenzie and Johnny both tweeted about being excited about things that are coming soon, but it is unclear if it means that they have any more songs, projects, or tours together. I hope Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler are still close friends, and that they can move past whatever is going on.

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  1. ya i feel the same way. they keep saying it isn’t real so just stop pushing it guys!! they already said jenzie isn’t real. they are just really good friends and from the what if music video, it’s mackezies and johnnys job to look like they are in love so ya

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