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James Charles Star On The Walk Of Fame Is A Sister Scam

Submitted by Anonymous

James Charles star Walk of Fame
via @jamescharles / Instagram

I think this whole James Charles star on the Walk of Fame thing in Hollywood is a sister scam. Do you think this was a big deal? If you look up “James Charles star walk of fame” it brings up a directory for everyone that has a star and he’s not there. It may be that they didn’t update it yet, but I really think it’s fake (UNLIKE HIS LEAKED NUDES 👀)

On Sunday morning, James Charles post this picture with a star that has his name on it:

it’s about time 😇⭐️

A post shared by James Charles (@jamescharles) on

I don’t want to sound rude here, but this looks kind of fake. I’m all for James Charles and other super talented beauty gurus getting their own stars and tons of recognition, but I just don’t believe this picture is real.

Everyone is commenting on his Instagram picture like it’s real. He never clarified whether it was real or not, but other YouTubers are definitely help pull this stunt off. Emma Chamberlain commented “so proud of you❤️☺️” and Grayson Dolan commented “That’s my best friend! 😮” Is this a sign of something more??

It didn’t take me more than 2 seconds to realize James Charles star is a sister scam. Look at this tweet:

Someone figured it out. Other people went straight to the source: The Hollywood Walk of Fame star directory.

So clearly, James Charles star on the Walk of Fame is not real. He sister scammed you all real good. But what is the biggest clue of them all that this picture is fake? We all know Sister James would NEVER lay on the disgusting streets of Hollywood to take this photo, even IF he had a star on the Walk of Fame.

This case is sister solved.

Vote on his other scams here 👀

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    • How cold harted are you . Just why ??? . James is probably farther than you right now than you ever be . Why hate ? What did he ever do to you??? I need answers ! Is it because your jealous Or that he did something really mean or offensive to your ( which he never did that I know of ) but janes is a really good person…. he is the first male cover girl spoke person or something like that . If you ever had a star I would be the first person to destroy it 🙂

    • Yeah, let’s hate on someone who spends hours a day editing videos and already gets 1500 hate comments for 3000 love comments. You’re really saying something that WILL get you in jail and you WILL be a discrimination because THOUSANDS of James Charles fans and News Broadcasts will be hating on you. James already goes through lots of stress and to put him in more stress and depression is pretty low. Sister shameful…

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