James Charles Morphe Palette Fake Swatch Conspiracy

Is there something fishy about these sister swatches?

via James Charles / YouTube

James Charles Morphe palette fake swatch conspiracy is WILD. And trust me when I say that James has gotten himself into plenty of scandals. James announced his collaboration with Morphe this week, and he posted a YouTube video of him doing swatches of the different shades that come in the palette. You can watch the swatches James does in his video here:

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Right after he posted the Morphe palette swatch video, James started receiving a LOT of criticism. Other YouTubers started conspiracies saying that James Charles was lying about his product, and that the swatches were doubled up. john kuckian did a 20-minute video showing close ups and slow motion clips proving the fake swatch theory.

Watch the conspiracy here:

James Charles clears up the fake swatch rumors – watch it here!

What do you think of the fake swatch conspiracy that James Charles has to deal with now? Does it bother you? Are you still buying his palette?

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  1. this is so messed up if he is trying to get every one to buy his new plalete then he should be honest and not lie about it

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