James Charles Had A Boyfriend And Kept It A Sister Secret

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James Charles relationship drama
James Charles boyfriend was kept a secret from us for two months

James Charles is known for being open, controversial, and not keeping anything secret. However, he caught us all by surprise when he explained in a “chit chat get ready with me” video that he was DATING SOMEONE. A real James Charles Relationship happened and he never told us. There were definitely clues that he may have been dating someone because he was not being flirty with other people. Who was James Charles boyfriend, though?

He announced that he was in a relationship for the first time ever. James Charles was IN A REAL RELATIONSHIP. The relationship is now over. Apparently the reason it ended is crazy, and no one saw it coming. I wouldn’t expect anything else from a James Charles break up story, but I can’t imagine what it would be. I’m still wondering who James Charles boyfriend was though.

It seems like his friends did not approve because Grayson Dolan explained that James was blinded by the love. When James said he would probably go back to the boy, Emma Chamberlain screamed “No” which made it clear where she stands. And we all know that if friends don’t approve, it can’t be good.

James did not explain much of what happened, but he said he will do a story time video about that soon. I’m excited to hear what happened, but I’m shook he was able to hide this relationship from us. I want to hear everything about James Charles dating life and about all of the James Charles boyfriends to come.

It seems like everyone is shook:

You can watch the video here for yourself:

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  1. Sister James like I am sister shook right now but I get it you need your personal space chills. Btw I am still sister shook OMG.

  2. Omg James Charles (Sister) How could you do this to us😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😩😩😲😲😲😮😮😮

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