James Charles Clears Up Fake Swatch Controversy

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James Charles Fake Swatch
via James Charles / Instagram Stories

Ever since James Charles announced his Morphe palette and did a video where he swatches each shade, there was been a conspiracy that James faked the swatches. YouTubers went as far as to do extreme close-ups and break down each clip where you can see James has already swatched the color. The James Charles swatch conspiracy got worse and worse as more people started uploading videos and photos proving that there were definitely some double swatches. See all the controversy here.

After seeing the backlash, James Charles went on Instagram to clear up the swatch controversy. He does actual LIVE swatches of each shade in his Morphe palette. He also clarifies that he DID do some double swatches. He wasn’t trying to hide anything. Here is the video of him doing the actual swatches with no editing:

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Now we can all put this James Charles fake swatch business to rest. You can clearly see how the shadows look, and the range is amazing. If I knew anything about makeup at all, I’m sure I would sister snag this up.

Do you feel better about James Charles’ Morphe palette after seeing him redo all the swatches?

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