James Charles Called Out For Not Crediting A Smaller Makeup Artist

Please don’t sister steal

James Charles 8 million
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Jame Charles posted a gorgeous northern lights makeup look to celebrate his 8 MILLION followers on Instagram! You can see in the caption of his Instagram pic now that he credits @peachcait and @nicoleetait as the inspirations for this makeup look, but it wasn’t always like that.

When James Charles posted this pic, it had no credits to these smaller makeup artists. It wasn’t until Sister James was called out that he tagged them in the caption.


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a makeup artist is upset that james charles didn’t credit her and her friend for inspiration. he’s given credit now

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Nicole went OFF when she saw that James posted the pic of the northern lights makeup without crediting who he was inspired by. She knew that he got the idea from her friend because he followed her on Twitter that same day.

Of course, when James realized he added their Instagram usernames to the caption. I’m sure he wasn’t actually trying to take credit for anyone’s ideas. Now both @peachcait AND @nicoleetait are growing thanks to Sister James!


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NORTHERN LIGHTS 🧚🏼‍♀️ inspo: @nicoleetait gals a talent lil bitch thank you guys for all the love of this look yesterday I really struggled with makeup today so i thought i’d post a different angle @staceymariemua X @bperfectcosmetics carnival palette @inglot_cosmetics @inglotglasgow 76 gel liner (i diluted it with duraline and then built it up gradually to achieve the faded look) @meltcosmetics dark matter & 1987 liner @peachesmakeup mermaze @nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics_uk crystal glitter & mermaid prismatic shadow @barrymcosmetics shadow topper in asteroid @benefitcosmetics bad gal bang and good proof pencil @lashesby.lucy minx lashes gems are from wish #creativemakeup #carnivalpalette #staceymariemua #keilidhmua #scottishmua #inglotcosmetics #inglot #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmeticsuk #creativemakeupartist #northernlights #blendingqueen #colorqueen #colorfulmakeup #barrymcosmetics #meltcosmetics

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Do you think James purposefully sister stole this look, or was he sister sorry for the accident?

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