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Is Ona Dating Beyond Brandon Or Blesiv? We’re Confused

What’s the TEA

Hailey and Blesiv
Ona and Blesiv Deleted Photo

Who is Ona dating? Hailey Orona aka Ona isn’t officially dating anyone, BUT there is tea. The other day, people saw a live with Brandon Westenberg (BeyondBrandon) and Ona in it. If you watch the video, you see Brandon get up, and right after Ona gets up from the same bed! Look here:

This has been confirmed!!!

Sketchy!! They didn’t comment on it, and they are close friends, so it could’ve been friendship cuddles. Before that, people were already shipping them. Brandon was in another live with Ona’s name written on his arm:

They full on made out on Instagram live… See for yourself 👀

Brandon with Ona written
via @messymonday / Twitter

After all the rumors about Jordyn and Brandon being back together, I am a little confused about this Brandon and Ona situation. But that’s not all.

Today, Hailey and Blesiv posted a VERY couple-y looking picture together, and then deleted it!

Hailey and Blesiv
Ona and Blesiv Deleted Photo

Oh the drama of it all! Now everyone is super confused. Is Ona with Brandon, or is there something going on with Ona and Blesiv? I’m pretty convinced Ona and Brandon are just really close friends, and Ona and Blesiv dating is a real possibility.

If anyone has any idea what’s going on, please let me know because I am just lost and confused now.

UPDATE! Hailey just crushed all of our hopes and dreams by tweeting this:

And now it looks like her and Alex aren’t even friends anymore. But I think they did have a thing for a bit. What do you guys think?

Brandon and Hailey kissed on Instagram live! Watch here!

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  1. Well it just so sad how ona and blesiv broke up well ona will have to take care of her business because she would of gave blesiv a Chan’s to go out again but she chooses what ever comes out of her mind😢😢😢😢

    • you mess up you are just a hater and you wish you were dateing blesiv that’s why you say ona and blesiv no like let ona pick who to date dam

  2. in my opinion i think that ona and alex are really adorable together and also alex guzman and hailey ona been bsf fir a very long time and alex know more about ona then brandon 🤩😍

  3. What happened is that ona and Alex were noting but best friends and they had been talking for a while then they were always fighting a lot and their friendship was super toxic so they ended their friendship so ona and Brandon started to fall for each other and so they kissed on live as a joke for reaching 15k viewers soon after ona started receiving a bunch of hate because Alex was mad about the kiss then Alex and ona became friends and now ona and Brandon are officially dating.

  4. There close friends and I feel like her and Brandon might date that it is a possibility. Ona and Alex gotten into a fight and they spreaded apart and that’s how Brandon and Ona become closer friends, they might date I am sure. Brandon and Ona both have a thing for each other and you can tell!! 😍😍

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