Fans Angry With Sebastian Topete After His Exposing YouTube Video

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sebastian topete

Sebastian Topete posted a video to YouTube with the title “her real age… (*DANIELLE COHN AND JOJO SIWA EXPOSED). First of all, this title was just clickbait, because I’m pretty sure no one was exposed at all during this video. Second of all, it seems like Sebastian is just using his past relationship with Danielle Cohn for clout.

Here is Sebastian’s YouTube video:

Sebastian Topete made a video where all he did was guess different influencers’ ages. This was not exposing anyone by any means. At one point he tried to guess JoJo Siwa’s age, and he explained that he went to her birthday party, so he should know her age. However, he ended up just guessing and getting it right. Therefore, he definitely did not expose JoJo Siwa for anything, even though his YouTube video title said he was going to.

It also said he was exposing Danielle Cohn, his ex girlfriend. It got to her in the video and all he said is, “To be honest, I never knew,” and then he went past her. He is claiming she never told him her age or that she lied about it. People have problems with this because in the past he claimed that she’s actually only 12, but that just makes him look creepy for dating a 12 year old when he is 17. Maybe he is trying to just keep himself safe by saying he doesn’t know her age, but it’s all just kind of weird. If they dated, he should know her real age. However, Danielle says that she is 14 years old.

People in the video comments were saying things like “lol thanks for the click bait” and “so when is he exposing anyone.” Other people are saying he’s just trying to keep using his old relationship to get attention and followers.

What do you think about all of this?

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  1. Yh well I don’t think he was doing anything wrong but then again he is showing other people’s ages with out their permission.

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