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Emma Chamberlain Involved In A Merch Scandal

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Emma Chamberlain blurred merch scandal
Emma Chamberlain clothing line scam caused merch scandal

Fans were excited when Emma Chamberlain announced that she was finally releasing her merch line. However, they were extremely disappointed when they went to buy the merch for multiple reasons. Everyone thought the Emma Chamberlain clothing line was a scam. This began the Emma Chamberlain merch scandal.

Do you guys think she’s making out with Ethan here?? 👀

The first issue was that the Emma Chamberlain merch store became a “secret merch store.” This way, people did not know what they were buying, as the clothing was blurred out and sensored.

On top of that, people were claiming that Emma’s merch was extremely overpriced. However, fans did not know what they were spending money on to know whether the merch was worth it. Many fans decided to buy Emma Chamberlain merch, trusting it would be okay. They later found it was not worth it, and the quality lacked. Either way, it’s not worse than this…

Since then, she spoke out about the whole Emma Chamberlain merch scandal, and this is what she said.

She has new merch coming soon, so let’s hope this time it is something we can actually see and afford.

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  1. @Mary Sue you can have your own opinion but please do not purposely put her down like that she worked hard the manufacturers worked hard and I get it maybe it’s not your style or it didn’t fit right but they tried their hardest so please just keep something as negitive as that to yourself please -Jillian

  2. If you considered buying generic, overpriced trash that you cant return, from a generic over hyped trashy vlogger, you deserve all that is coming to you.

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