Dru Making Fun Of Loren Gray On Instagram Story

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Loren Gray Dru Tea
Dru Loren Gray drama after Dru posts video making fun of Loren Gray

Earlier this week, fans of Loren Gray who follow Dru (aka Andrew Gregory) on Instagram were very angry at Dru. The Loren Gray Dru drama started when Dru posted videos to his Instagram story of him and his friends making fun of Loren Gray. The friends in this video are Suburban Prince and Nathan Piland.

Basically, Suburban Prince and Nathan Piland were saying that Loren Gray sexualizes herself for Instagram. As it is, this is not okay for them to say in general, but it especially isn’t okay after everything that happened with Loren Gray this week. Loren Gray already had to deal with people sexualizing her.

There is no reason anyone should be sexualizing a 16 year old. The Dru Loren Gray drama could have easily been prevented. Dru didn’t need to post those things about Loren in the first place. Also Suburban Prince and Nathan Piland should not be saying anything about her. The Loren Gray Andrew Gregory issues had no reason to start. Loren did not do anything to them to make them say anything.

Loren has been able to keep her head up and not let the Suburban Prince, Nathan Piland, and Dru drama get her down.

What do you think about what Nathan Piland and Suburban Prince said about Loren Gray?

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