Danielle Cohn Lip Synced The “N” Word And People Are Angry

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Danielle Cohn lip sync scandal

Danielle Cohn posted a Night-Time Routine video on YouTube, and people are not happy with it. In one part of the video, she is in the shower lip syncing songs, and at one point she lip syncs to a song with the N word. Understandably, people are super upset with this. She should not be using this word due to the negative impact it has. The video with the word can be seen here:

In this clip, you can see just the moment the Danielle Cohn N word incident happened:

Some of Dani Cohn’s fans are coming to her defense in this Danielle Cohn N word scandal saying that she didn’t actually say the word, so it should not be an issue. However, this is a problem regardless because she still lip synced the word.

At the least, this Danielle Cohn YouTube video should be taken down. Also, The Dani Cohn N word situation needs to be addressed by her, so she can apologize. As a fan of Danielle Cohn, I’m upset she did this, and I hope she addresses this and clears things up soon. She probably did not realize what she was doing, but I hope she can learn from this. We don’t need another Danielle Cohn scandal.

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    • you stupid the n word is a serious problom as a white girl i belive this was not right even tho as you said theres bigger prplmes in you world i agree no hate sis -annabella

    • okay true, but this is still an issue. I myself am black and I find it very rude when people say the “N” word. These very same people forget where this word came from and how it was used and brought up. That’s why I find that it is very offensive and honestly no one should say it. Not even us blacks, Spanish, or Asian. So yeah, the world does have bigger problems. But people like this, need to be stopped. Because people like me, are getting hurt and offended.

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