Bryce Hall Was Spotted Kissing Nicole Anderson

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Bryce Hall kissing Nicole Anderson
Bryce Hall and Nicole Anderson were caught kissing at Nicole's birthday party

Bryce Hall was seen on Instagram kissing Nicole Anderson. Since then, Bryce and Nicole have not said anything about the kiss, but people are going wild about it.

Here is the quick video where you can see Bryce Hall and Nicole Anderson kissing:

Bryce is known for being controversial and doing crazy things for clout. It’s hard to say if Bryce Hall kissing Nicole Anderson was for clout or if there is something going on between them.

This Nicole Anderson Bryce Hall hang out happened because it was Nicole’s birthday party. She invited some friends to hang out including Bryce Hall, Bad Zach, Nick Bean, Edtertaining, and lots of other people.

People think that the age difference between Bryce Hall and Nicole Anderson is weird. Nicole just turned 17, but Bryce is 19. It doesn’t seem like a huge age difference, but Bryce is an adult and Nicole is underage technically.

The thing fans are most angry about is the fact that there was a Mikey Barone Nicole Anderson relationship before this. Mikey and Nicole dated a while ago, while Bryce Hall and Mikey Barone were best friends. The Bryce Hall Mikey Barone friendship seems like it’s everywhere, but right now it does not seem like they are friends.

People are commenting on Instagram saying things like:

Getting with your best friends ex is f***ed, even if they aren’t friends anymore they were when her and Mikey were dating.

Some people think that this is just Bryce trying to get back at Mikey and make him jealous. It’s all a pretty sketchy situation.

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  1. this is so dramatic, people need to stop with the trash talk. If they both kissed then its fine, you just shouldn’t date if you are an underage person with an older person

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