Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa Get Into It On Twitter

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Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa
Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa Twitter War

A little Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa Twitter war broke out after JoJo responded to a tweet from a fan’s mom. The woman wrote a long post of Facebook about how JoJo is such a positive influence, and how other young women on social media (@DANIELLE) aren’t such great role models.

Facebook Post
via @jojosiwa / Twitter
Facebook Post
via @jojosiwa / Twitter

Somehow, JoJo found that post and tweeted it, thanking her for her kind words.

JoJo Siwa Tweet Bhad Bhabie
via @jojosiwa / Twitter

The Bhabie Gang must’ve found the tweet, because Danielle Bregoli found it pretty quickly. This is what she tweeted back to JoJo.

Bhad Bhabie Tweet
via @bhadbhabie / Twitter

I’m guessing Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa aren’t close? 😂 After that one, JoJo really left us all hanging for a while. It was complete silence on her end about Danielle’s response. You know she was seeing it though because everyone was talking about it.

After the long wait, JoJo finally decided to clap back! Look at what she said to Danielle’s tweet!

JoJo Siwa Tweet
via @jojosiwa / Twitter

WIG. So far, Bhad Bhabie hasn’t spoken up again. I know I’m waiting on the edge of my seat to see if this Twitter war continues. Knowing how positive JoJo is, she probably wouldn’t respond again anyways. I’m surprised she responded the first time!!

That’s all for now.

*follows Bhad Bhabie and JoJo Siwa on Twitter and turns on post notifications*

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  1. jojo siwas comment back to her was so lame bhad babie won the battle bhad babie is way better than jojo siwa always have been and always will be.

      • exactly, that jojo b**** sayin’ she a role model when she brings bhad babie down to make herself look good like that’s f***** up

      • All Jojo did was kindly thank someone for calling her a role model and Danielle bregoli finds it and comments something back that took it way out of hand…all jojo did was thank someone and you all make it seem wrong… after Danielle commented that jojo said “exactly my point” because she’s saying she would never say something like that and is considered a role model… I really don’t like jojo and don’t watch her videos but I also hate Bhad bhabie. I used to love her but now I’m seeing maybe I shouldn’t

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