Are Millie Bobby Brown And Jacob Sartorius Dating AGAIN?

Stranger Things have happened…

Millie and Jacob
via @milliebobbybrown / Instagram Stories

Are Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius dating AGAIN?! Is Jillie alive and well after all? When Millie and Jacob broke up, I really felt that. They said they were “friends” but unfollowed each other, and all of our worlds fell apart. Now, on Jacob’s Sweet 16, there is hope for us yet.

Today is Jacob Sartorius’ sixteenth birthday, and Millie decided to break her silence on the two of them. Millie posted a super cute picture of her and Jacob on her Instagram story. The caption? “HAPPY BDAY @JACOBSARTORIUS LOVE YOU 💖” and then followed that up with “UR SO OLD NOW AHHH”

So now I’m sitting here on a Tuesday morning thinking to myself, “Are Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius dating again? Could this be a real thing?” My answer is “like maybe!”

I think it’s totally normal to wish your ex a happy birthday. If there was no bad blood after the break up, why not be civil? But posting a cute and flirty photo of the two of you on your story? When you have over 17M followers? And saying LOVE YOU? Hm 👀

Are Jacob and Millie back together for real? I’m not sure … but they sure are friendly again.

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