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Are Jordyn Jones And Jordan Beau Dating? I Ship It

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Jordyn and Jordan
via Jordyn Jones / YouTube

Are Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau dating? I definitely ship it. A while ago I thought Jordyn Jones was dating Nathan Briggs, but that seemed to die out pretty quickly. She’s always surrounded by a bit of mystery when it comes to guys. That’s probably why the Jordyn and Brandon drama continues.

Today, Jordyn Jones posted a new video to her YouTube channel. Her and Jordan Beau have been together a lot lately, but this was the ultimate video I needed for this ship to come alive.


That thumbnail was such clickbait! If you made it to the end, they ask the question of whether they have kissed someone with the same name. I started freaking out because THEY HAVE THE SAME NAME. They didn’t even answer the question, which I feel like is the answer. They totally have.

Other reasons why I think the rumors about Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau dating could be true? Look at the way they’re sitting! Body language, people! They are crushing hard.

I’ve also seen some pics of Jordyn wearing Jordan’s sweatshirt going around. They spend an awful lot of time together, have amazing chemistry, and are cute together.

If you watch closely, there are a couple comments Jordyn makes that totally gives away that theres something going on between Jordyn and Jordan. Once she says she’s leading him on, and then she says he may be a fan of hers when they were talking about kissing fans.

The fact that they cut at the end instead of answering whether or not they’ve kissed is PROOF that Jordyn and Jordan are dating. Don’t fight me on this.

Do you ship Jordy Jones and Jordan Beau?

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