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Are Danielle Bregoli and Billie Eilish Dating?

I’ve been hearing rumors…

Dani and Billie
Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) and Billie Eilish

Are Danielle Bregoli and Billie Eilish dating? I’ve seen Bhad Bhabie and Billie Eilish are close, but then I started seeing rumors on Twitter and Instagram about a possible relationship. Instead of coming up with all of my own theories, I’ll show you what I’ve found on social media:

Dani Bregoli retweeted this:

Everyone really started question Bhad Bhabie and Billie Eilish after Danielle Bregoli snapped these pics:


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Then Twitter took over and the stans started coming forward about how much they want Danielle Bregoli and Billie Eilish to be a thing:

Some people still seem to be confident that the two girls have a really strong friendship:

It’s hard to tell whether Bhad Bhabie and Billie Eilish are just super close friends, or if there’s something more there. Either way, I ship it.

What do you think?


UPDATE: Another Rummler has posted confirming that Danielle and Billie are not dating. The rumors have been cleared up by Billie.


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  1. Billie Eilish is straight until she says she isn’t, we should just believe her until she’s ready to come out… if she isn’t straight. cause so far that’s all we should believe since that’s all she’s told us. it’s not our place as her fans to force her to. we should support her.

  2. so danielle posted on snap saying “i remember i said you don’t even like girls then she gave me look that kinda said otherwise” oskjdnrjrnndndldkj

  3. if they really are dating, lmao billie could do so much better tbh.
    but then again, she has said that she is straight so…

  4. I personally dislike Danielle and think Billie could do better. But I don’t believe they’re dating. I haven’t seen Billie post anything so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. Danielle posted a snapchat story where someone commented on her Instagram picture about them dating and she put a winking face🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Well idk if they go out and I hope Danielle doesn’t go out with her she to pretty to be bi but either way if she’s happy I’m happy

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